The pathway between Asda and Dorothy Road is heavily used by shoppers and local residents, however, the area is has no lighting which makes it vulnerable to anti-social behaviour and increases fear of crime, particularly among those who are walking alone after dark (which is as early as 4pm during winter).

Many people have told me they avoid the area at night because it simply feels unsafe to walk through such a dark area but the council’s rationale for not having a light is that there is no crime associated with the area. This petition is intended to illustrate that there is significant concern in the local area and a genuine fear of crime that needs addressing.

Signatures collected as part of this petition will be formally presented to the council on 15 October. The council then follows its standard petition process, which refers the issue to the relevant committee for consideration and recommendation.

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Email addresses are not required by the petition or by the council, however the council does not inform signatories of the progress of the petition or the final outcome. Any email addresses collected on this form will only be used to provide updates on this issue.

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