Posterous is a service that will auto-post an email to several other services. For example, it can take an email and create a blog post as well as tweeting it on my Twitter account.

I did use it, for a while, to blog from events I attend or post interesting news I hear when I am not at a computer. Like much else on this blog, it was an experiment to see if it added value. Posts were retrospectively tagged, including a ‘posterous’ tag so you can see them all if you are so minded.

In practice, I didn’t really use it. It’s easy enough to use other mobile tools to post ‘properly’. My posterous account sat unused and unloved for a while, until I resurrected it to host images I posted from my Twitter account. But even that faltered, when I started hosting Twitter pictures on my own blog.

So it is, once again, unused and unloved. I love Posterous, it’s a great tool, I just can’t think of a purpose for it!

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