I’ve come to terms with being grumpy, even begun to appreciate the advantages it offers, so I make no apologies for my grumpiness about Battersea-deniers.

My latest run-in with them came on Twitter, with Giraffe Restaurant (based on Battersea Rise, Battersea, SW11) who were advertising a quiz night at “Giraffe Clapham”. Being grumpy, and having my grumpiness enhanced by it being morning, I picked them up, and they explained their use of Clapham.

we say clapham so people don’t think it’s deepest darkest battersea- it’s actually closer to clapham

And that astounds me. By that logic we may as well say we live in Croydon, because otherwise people might confuse Battersea, London with central London. It might be close to Clapham, but it’s in Battersea. I’m not sure how telling someone it’s the neighbouring area helps people find something. Surely (and maybe I’m just missing the point of geography here) it’s better to tell them where something actually is, rather than where it’s near.

I’m not naïve enough to believe places don’t change (otherwise I’d be claiming to live in Patricesy) but simply denying geography really should be the province of estate agents and no-one else.

It’s been a while since I organised a tweet-up, the last was a hastily organised one towards the end of last year (that’s not to say it wasn’t a good night, as the rather embarrassing video shot over a post tweet-up curry would attest) and several people felt it was time for another night out.

So it’s been arranged, with a little help from Jack Bremer and Tim Bush.

7pm onwards on Thursday 8 April at The Merchant on Battersea Rise.

It will be a fairly relaxed affair, just turn up, have a drink and meet other people from SW11 (and elsewhere). If you want to come along RSVP at the twtvite.

And a promise – I am not going to say a single political word at it!

It was with some nervousness I went along to The Goat last night for the Tweet-up.  I left having had a glass or two of wine too many but having spent an excellent evening in a fine put with good company.

Having never been to one (which really put me at a disadvantage for organising one) I wasn’t sure what to expect – or even how many people.  But in the end there was a good crowd that mixed well.

Ingrid Koehler, who works at the Improvement and Development Agency blogged about it this morning, referring to my little spat over surgeries.  (That post was followed by a Lambeth Labour councillor using it as an excuse for a bit of political knocking. Rather disappointingly I responded in kind rather than rising above it.)  I hadn’t particularly thought about it as any type of engagement – although I did end up talking a bit about the council with some of the people there – it was really prompted to have an excuse for a beer and by a bit of jealousy of SW15.

Obviously I’ll take any credit going.  But I think the key thing was that everyone enjoyed themselves – judging by the Tweets afterwards it seems that everyone did.  I certainly hope there will be more to come.  But for the time-being I would like to use this post to say thank-you to Bell Pottinger for their sponsorship, but most of all to the people who came for making it such a great night.

The time is nearly upon us. The SW11 Tweet-up is tomorrow.

First, the details. It’s taking place at The Goat on Battersea Rise. It seems everyone knows it well, but if you don’t their website has directions. I’ve suggested a 7pm start (but guess it will go on for a while, so come along when you can) and have reserved the upstairs area for the night. I’ve not been able to contact them to confirm, but if there is any change I will post here and Tweet a lot!

Second, the good news, it’s sponsored. Bell Pottinger Public Affairs (who have a few Twittering staff in SW11 and a Twittering chairman with Wandsworth connections) have kindly offered to stand us all a few drinks.

Third, you. Although this started life as an SW11 tweet-up it’s not exclusive – there are lots of people coming from further afield, the chief criteria are that you’re on Twitter and can get to the pub tomorrow night, and feel free to bring a friend if you’re shy. The more the merrier.

(And finally, I just wanted to say thank-you to everyone who has offered help, advice and encouragement while this has been organised.  It is greatly appreciated.)

After yesterday’s call for venue suggestions I’ve got a long list of potential venues.  However, only one of them was suggested repeatedly… The Goat on Battersea Rise.

I popped along today and had a look around (the last time I was in there it was a rather ghastly chain theme-pub to which I never wanted to return) and I think it will work. There seems to be a good selection of beer and wine – and I’m sure soft drinks, though I didn’t actually think to check them – and the venue seems well suited to a meeting of pseudo-strangers!

Of course, I’ve never organised a tweet-up before.  And I’ve never been to one either. But the very worst that can happen is that we all learn how to make the second SW11tweet a rampaging success.

So now most of the pieces are in place.  We have a time and date: 7pm onwards on Wednesday, 5 August.  We have a venue: The Goat, Battersea Rise.  All that’s left are the people. Are you coming?

RSVP at twtvite.com