Shamefully not something I’ll be doing. But the Wandsworth Cycling Campaign will be beating the bounds of Wandsworth this Saturday.

Beating the bounds is an old tradition of, literally, walking around the border of a parish. A few years ago Jim Maddan, while serving as Mayor of Wandsworth, revived the tradition by walking the 25 or so miles around the borough.

It is, for the most part, a lovely route, taking in a good stretch of the river and passing through or by several parks and commons. The ride starts from St Mary’s Church, Putney, at 10.00am for more details, download the PDF leafet or visit Bryony Evens’ blog, Living Adventurously where she’s detailing her trips around all 33 London boroughs.

And if you’re wondering why I’m not doing it, it because despite a great start my cycling experience was ended by the shed, where the bike now lives – an object lesson for me, because the actual cycling wasn’t a problem, it’s the hassle of unlocking and relocking doors and sheds for those short, bike-able, journeys. Like so many things in life the best way to encourage good behaviour is to simply remove all the barriers.