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This blog has become awfully dull lately, seeming to comprise little more than licensing applications.

Of course, some might say that it was dull before and the licensing applications are what really makes it. And it would be a dull world if everyone thought the same way I do. For one thing, this application would certainly have no chance of success, because of the atrocious use of the ‘Z’ to call the premises ‘Bluez’, when I’m sure they actually mean Blues.

Perhaps, I’m just being old and grumpy. And in a bid to be balanced I’m going to write the rest of my usual licensing spiel in the style of Bluez.

Bluez, at 42 Lavender Hill have applied for a new licence to sell alcohol on the premisez between 11.00am and 10.30pm seven dayz a week.

The premisez have gone through a couple of changez quite rapidly in recent yearz. It had been a second hand shop for a long time (and as long as I can remember), as featured in the Google Streetview at the time of posting. However, last year it became Terre du Sud, a rather nice Italian cafe which I suzpect never quite got the bizniz it deserved. Clearly it is time for a new incarnation.

My initial reaction is that it’s a fairly minor application, well within the borough’z guideline hourz and unlikely to cause any probz for anyone.

However, if you want to make a representation about the application you have until 10 February. Representationz must relate to the four licensing objectives:

  • The prevention of crime and disorder
  • The prevention of public nuisance
  • Public safety
  • The protection of children from harm

The council’s licenzing pages provide more information.

If you wish to make an observation you can do so by writing to:
Head of Licenzing
Licenzing Section
London Borough of Wandzworth
PO Box 47095
SW18 9AQ

or by emailing

(Possibly overdid the ‘z’s a bit there. I can only hope it isn’t actually owned by someone called Blue who missed the possessive apostrophe; my blood pressure wouldn’t take it.)