My last post started life as this week’s weekly wrap-up, but then killed it off.

The point of the posts, which I’ve been doing since last May, was to be some sort of ‘report’. I’d started them at the suggestion of a commenter on the blog. But I just don’t think they were adding anything.

And as I got a little carried away ranting about blogging about policy, I realised that pretty much all my council work of the previous week fell into the ‘can’t talk about it’ category. They were policy meetings, or private casework, issues that may well become public, but aren’t quite ready for that yet. The weekly wrap-ups had become, frankly, pointless. They were, in effect, little more than a listing of meetings; a chore to write and dull to read. So last week’s is now the last one.

So while I may still do the occasionally look back on a Friday, it’ll only be when there’s something to say that hasn’t already been said.