Last night was the first Regeneration and Community Safety OSC of the year and was kicked off by a presentation from Jan Lloyd on the proposed redevelopment of New Covent Garden Market.

It’s amazing when you look at the Market today, when it’s employing 2,500 people (a few hundred less than before the recession) and providing 40% of the food that’s on restaurant plates in London to think it was actually at Covent Garden until 35 years ago.

And browsing through their brochure brings home just how much ‘industrial’ land remains in Wandsworth – that corner of the borough is a major employment area and generates huge benefit for the borough and London as a whole, but remains tucked away and – despite its size – unseen by most people as they pass by the walls or flats surrounding them.

Although their public exhibitions are over it’s well worth having a look at the redevelopment section of their website, not just to see what they are planning, but also for some of the fascinating history of the market.

UPDATE, 14 January: I’ve been picked up on this post, there’s another public consultation and exhibition towards the end of February.