Warning signEven though this is Battersea, not Broughton, I hesitate to post this sign I came across while canvassing at the weekend.

On the basis it’s visible from the street and the photo doesn’t actually identify the location (OK, it’s in Wandsworth, but which of the 280,000 residents actually put it up?) I’m going to publish and be damned.

It’s certainly a lot stronger than most of the ‘No junk mail’ stickers and I quite like it.  It is specific and provides a clear indication of what will happen if you choose to ignore the request.

All too rarely are people actually made to consider the consequences of their actions, but this forces the deliverer to directly link their actions with potential negative reviews, costs to their company and complaints.

I’d love to know how effective the sign is, or whether I’m the only one who read it and thought it all through!

If you can’t quite read the picture the notice warns:

Please don’t leave us junk mail. If you do I will write poor reviews abour your companies, return the junk to your company in unstamped envelopes and report to whoever I can.  I will do this.

Thank you I’m sure we’ll get on fine