For some time my to do list has included ‘Write a Wikipedia article about the Shaftesbury Park Estate’. I’ll freely confess that it was never at the top of the list, and it was always one of those things I wanted to do one day when I had time. That day that never really comes.

However, I noticed today that someone has finally got around to writing an article. Like anything on Wikipedia it is a work in progress, and seems to borrow heavily from the council’s own conservation area appraisal statement.

However, I can’t say how pleased I am that someone else had the same idea. While I know that Wikipedia has many faults, it remains a heavily used resource for many people. And it was always a matter of pride that while other places had their articles, Shaftesbury Park didn’t.

I’ve made a few, limited, changes as time allowed to the article. But do you know anything about the estate that should be added (or have you spotted something wrong that should be removed)? I think there’s a great history to the estate and we should make sure it’s told.