The currently anonymous Il Molino on Lavender Hill

Ages ago (six months, to be precise) I rather gloatingly posted about a victory against the slow spread of estate agents on Lavender Hill with a change of use planning application to turn We’re Moving into a cafĂ©. While I’m often not great at updating stories on here I’ve been watching the site closely over the past few months and had been fearing that I had somehow cursed them.

But no, over the Easter weekend Il Molino finally opened, with little fanfare and, to be honest, not that much to suggest they are open! They are still lacking a sign advising people of their name, but they do have a few tables outside – a little ambitiously today, I think – and are serving excellent coffee and cakes.

They’re well worth a visit – you can find them on the corner of Lavender Hill and Thirsk Road.