The Metropolitan Police Authority are currently consulting on the policing priorities.

It is always a bit of a motherhood and apple pie exercise, since the results do tend to come out with things like ‘fighting crime’ which, I would contend, is pretty much a given as a police priority.

However, it might be worth having your say. You can read more about it, and find the link to the consultation questions, at

For what it’s worth my priorities (which I have submitted in a personal, rather than council, capacity are):

  1. Reducing police officers’ administrative overhead – so officers are on the beat doing their job, not sat in their station filling out forms about doing their job.
  2. Greater opportunities for public involvement in policing – the SNTs are a good start, but the public, potentially through their local council, should have a greater say to ensure the police match the priorities of the area they serve.
  3. Greater publication of data – the Met’s police maps are not that useful, we should have better information on specific crime, and on how well the police are doing to clear up that crime, so we know when to challenge or congratulate the police on their performance.

I’ve managed to get this three times so far (which makes it borderline spam, but I am on quite a few Mayoral and GLA lists) but it’s quite interesting reading.

One of the odd things about confidence in policing and fear of crime is that the biggest driver is not changing policing methods or tackling specific problems but communication and engagement. Even if everything else remained unchanged the levels of those two activities would affect public confidence.

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