It is a tedious subject for many, I’m sure, and maybe I need to learn to relax, but I got a spam email referring to the LGA’s banned words list at the weekend.

The spam was from Ticketmedia, an advertising company that sells advertising space on public transport tickets (and presumably thinks I am going to get Wandsworth to start buying some because of an unsolicited email). Using a weak connection between the LGA’s jargon that councils don’t use and the simplicity of bus ticket advertising to send me unsolicited email in which “Ticketmedia applauds LGA move to banish bewildering jargon… the clampdown by the LGA on council staff using nonsensical jargon is a welcome initiative” and totally unconnected with the bus ticket advertising they then go on to sell.

When the wrong message is now being transmitted onwards by spamming PR firms I think it’s proof the LGA have got it all wrong.