I have been a bit rubbish at consistently promoting these events. I think I missed both St John’s Hill and Balham. But in a bid to make amends:

If you are near Wandsworth this weekend then I heartily recommend the Old York Road Street Party on Saturday, between 12:30 and 7pm. Perhaps not the biggest in the borough, but being on a road that can be closed really helps the party spirit. There will be the usual mixture of stalls and entertainment, as well as the excellent shops and caf├ęs being open. I’ll see you there!

Nigella Lawson opens Summer in the Square
Nigella Lawson opens Summer in the Square

Saturday saw the first ‘Summer in the Square’ event organised by the Friends of Battersea Square.

I popped along with Jess and MiniMe and managed to stay the entire day, from the opening by Nigella Lawson to the end – I even managed to avoid participation in the mass events, especially the line dancing (which coincided with a longish lunch)!

It was a fabulously well-attended, organised and fun event – and it’s been great seeing events like this spring up across the borough over the past few years (not least the Lavender Festival in my own ward). They really show the strength and cohesion of our community and show how much can be achieved when we all work together.

Congratulations to all the organisers.

Old York Road Street PartyTomorrow is the Old York Road Street Party.

Recent years have seen a resurgence in ‘street party’ style events in the retail areas of the borough, particularly Battersea, which has seen the Northcote Carnival, Lavender Hill Street Party and St John’s Hill Festival. However, the Old York Road Street Party has a pedigree longer (just) than any of them.

Once again, Old York Road is closed to traffic so the whole street can be turned over to the event which takes place from midday to 5.30pm with the official opening (by Dora the Explorer) at 1pm.

Entertainment, attractions and stalls will run throughout the day and you can get a full programme from oldyorkroad.co.uk.