The Wandsworth Guardian have a little, but not much, more on the reasons behind the withdrawal of the planning application by Metro Shopping Fund – it seems by the simple expedient of phoning them and asking!

It seems to boil down to the officer recommendation to refuse permission with Metro Shopping Fund saying they “have invested significant resources to date, however in the absence of the council’s support at the last moment we have been forced to withdraw our application.”

I’ve just heard that the Clapham Junction planning application has been withdrawn by the developer.

The application had provoked an organised opposition and last week was recommended for refusal by the council’s planning officers although there were a few stirrings of support in recent weeks.  Obviously the Planning Applications Committee are not bound by the planning officers decision and were to meet on Wednesday when, I suspect, that Clapham Junction application would have been the dominant item on the meeting’s agenda.  Obviously with the developer’s withdrawal the application will not be considered by the committee.

At the moment, I do not know and will not speculate on why the developers have withdrawn, nor do I know their future intentions.

The agenda for next week’s planning applications committee has just been published.

You can read the full report on the council’s website.

Many, however, will be interested in the planning departments recommendations which are that the main application be refused.

The recommendation is for two reasons:

  1. Officers believe the application does not provide sufficient benefit to the transport infrastructure.
  2. Given the late change to the financial package the authority is not satisfied affordable housing should be omitted from the scheme.

Also recommended for refusal are the plans for a temporary station and the application for conservation area consent.  The reason for recommendation in both cases being the absence of an approved scheme to replace.

As I have pointed out before, I have reserved my position so, in the event of the application going to full council, I can retain my vote and am presenting this purely for information.  The actual decision will be taken by the planning committee at their meeting next week.