Having done nothing for months it was time to organise another tweet-up. I spent ages trying to find a good date (being a week-night that I could make that wasn’t too near Christmas) and failed.

Then, by happy coincidence, I noticed that the Clapham Junction Christmas lights were being turned on by Isabel Losada, a local author who happens to be on Twitter. This, I reckoned, made for an ideal date – since if I also turned there’d be at least two people at the tweet-up.

So the date and venue are set: 6:30pm onwards on 18 November in the Slug and Lettuce, St John’s Hill, Battersea (even though they seem to think they are in Clapham).

I imagine it will be a bit smaller than the last, mainly because of the short notice. It also won’t be sponsored (I’ve still not been paid for last time!).

But it will still be a good night out. Anyone is welcome, despite the SW11 focus and #Battertweet name, just RSVP at the twtvite.

Jealousy might be an ugly emotion. But it also can motivate.

When I saw there was a Putney tweet-up organised, I can’t deny that I was jealous (and also a little annoyed that it was on my wedding anniversary). Surely anything SW15 can do SW11 can do better?

So that’s what I’m hoping to do, organise an SW11 tweet-up.

I flagged up the idea on Twitter last night and got a positive response, including from people who don’t follow me, which is a great sign. It was also clear that there was enthusiasm for the idea from further afield – with people from Balham, Tooting and Wandsworth wanting to come.

So here’s the outline.

It’s an SW11plus tweet-up
I started with the idea of SW11 and am sticking with it, mainly because I don’t want to get over-ambitious. But having said that, anyone from Balham, Tooting, Wandsworth – or anywhere else for that matter – is welcome and encouraged to come: we love SW11 and want to share.

It’s simple
Again, I don’t want to be over-ambitious. I was thinking pub, drinks, chat. Any extras might come when we have an idea of numbers and venue, but the key is going to be getting people in the same place and drinking talking rather than tweeting.

It’s your event
I’m a novice at this – and while I know I’m happy with a decent boozer I’m aware that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. So I’d like ideas, tips and suggestions.

And that’s it.

The next steps are to choose a date and venue. The very point where a bright idea starts getting messy, because there’s no way we’ll be able to come up with a date that’s good for everyone – so

I’m going to throw Wednesday 5 August out there as a date. Can you make it? Any good for you? Let me know, either comment or tweet @jamescousins.