Last night I represented Wandsworth at an event at New London Architecture called ‘Our Patch’. The boroughs attending were each given a short slot to promote themselves to the audience and I, of course, was unremittingly positive about what Wandsworth had to offer.

Prior to this I’d posed the question on Twitter “what attracted/attracts you to Wandsworth? What do you think sets the borough apart from other bits of London?” and was pleased to get positive responses. Maybe we don’t ask people to be positive about public bodies often enough, usually when people talk about any part of the public sector it’s as a complaint or criticism. I’m not going to pretend we get everything right, but it’s good to know that a lot of people like Wandsworth as a place and as a council.

A while ago Twitter was abuzz with #welovethenhs a series of individuals posting why, as the name suggests, they love the NHS. Perhaps we need #weloveourcouncil so people are given the opportunity to be positive as well as negative.

The responses were:

Low council tax 🙂

Northcote Road mkt, Batt Park, Tooting Indian food, the commons, riverside paths, Arding & Hobbs, Batt Pwr Stn, BAC, FMH, PoW

Grew up there. Good shopping, bar, restaurant and park combo. Excellent transport links.

cheap council tax – proximity to tube and rail, security.

I feel a lot safer in the borough and I like the stuff the council does within local comunities

low council tax!

As a newcomer from the mean streets of Lambeth have been struck by how well kept the estates are and general street tidiness.