When I was younger I never really got how ‘confidence’ affected the economy. Older, with a mortgage and a family and watching the disaster that is UK politics I’m getting a very clear lesson on how confidence affects micro-economic decisions.

My children get stickers at school as recognition for hard work and positive behaviour. How this could be made to work in adult life?

Started on our traditional Christmas movies. First up is Elf (2003) while the mince pies cook. 🍿

I keep watching UK politics thinking that we must, surely, have reached the point where people recognise there are enormous systemic problems that simply need to be addressed.

Then Theresa May pops up to remind me that some people are simply incapable of re-considering mistakes.

After some hope from the US mid-terms British politics is reminding us what a car crash western democracies have become: divisive leaders and media urging us towards self-harm because they fetishise some boys-own vision of world war era machismo.

My ability—nay, skill—to perfectly lip-sync Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ doesn’t get demonstrated enough but today was one of those precious, precious days.

Finally got my hands on a **big** iPad after itching for one for a long long time. The screen is luscious.