Many of the issues that needed addressing in the council and police’s communication have been resolved, but a few kinks still need ironing out before the crime briefings can resume.

In the meantime, you can view the Met’s crime mapping – but to save you time the latest figures for Wandsworth on there are November 2008.  Crime for the borough is ‘average’.  Crime for each of the 20 wards is ‘average’.  And if you zoom into what the Met call sub-wards, you’ll find that for all but five crime is ‘average’ – the five that are not average are basically in town centres around transport hubs: Two sub-wards Clapham Junction and one each in Balham, Putney and Tooting.  They are all above average.

I briefly cover why I think the Met’s crime mapping is far from ideal as part of my first crime mapping post.

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