• Just posted the latest crime briefing for Wandsworth http://tinyurl.com/c9ywa5 #
  • Recent tragic events make this more relevant than ever. http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/Photorestrict/ (via @appleblossombea) #
  • Seriously considering quitting Twitter. I feel compelled to Tweet about it first though. #
  • On hold with Thames Water. They are playing Peter Cetera. Now I ask, how does Tweeting this make anyone’s life any better? #
  • Apologies to those followers I’ve not reciprocated. I will try and find time to go through and return the favour to the non-spammers! #
  • More police for Battersea and a new team in Tooting http://tinyurl.com/dhsbw8 (via @wandbc) #

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