A rhetorical question. But feel free to add one word answers in the comments below.

But if you are interested, here’s my attempt at Storifying the meeting. Essentially I’ve interleaved my tweets from the meeting with the speeches on the two debates on early intervention and the Southside shopping centre.

Birmingham City Hall
Birmingham: Not home to directly elected mayors

A week after the elections one set of results particularly disappoints me.

Not the Conservative and Lib Dem losses – while I’m sure we lost many fine councillors this election was a typical mid-term where the government is traditionally punished. Coming from a high point four years ago the losses were not at all surprising.

What really disappointed me were the results of the mayoral referenda.

As a localist, of course, I’ve no problem with the people all those cities exercising their right to not to have mayoral government. But I can’t help thinking they have missed an opportunity. Mayoral government isn’t right everywhere, but surely some of those cities would be better with a mayor than a traditional council.

The result that disappointed me most was Birmingham. I’ve a soft spot for the city, I don’t know why – I’ve no connection and probably wouldn’t particularly want to live there. But I have enjoyed every time I have visited or worked there. And I’ve always pondered the oddity that leaves it struggling to be seen as the second city ahead of Manchester, when on all objective measures Manchester shouldn’t even be in the running.

And one should not forget Birmingham’s magnificent local government heritage. It is the place that made local government. Led by Joseph Chamberlain Birmingham initiated massive improvements in the lives of its residents, and remains a great example of innovation at local level that would be impossible now after decades of centralisation and prescriptive legislation.

Chamberlain was not directly elected, but used the position of mayor to provide exactly the sort of personality-driven leadership a modern directly elected mayor should provide. In doing so Birmingham became a laboratory of democracy which changed both the city and Britain for the better.

His contribution was so significant that I write about him under the assumption that you have at least a vague idea of who he was. But I’d also bet you couldn’t name either new or old leaders of Birmingham.

'Diamond' Joe Quimby, dressed as a sandwich
An avatar for British local democracy?

As an aside, a few years ago I ran, with someone else, a website called Cllr Tweeps. It was a fairly simple searchable directory of councillors by name, party or council on Twitter in the days before Twitter became mainstream. In its day was the biggest, and I like to think best, directory of its type. (We eventually ended it because of the cost in both time and money, and because a publicly funded equivalent was created, although even now I think ours was more useful to councillors and residents).

The accompanying Twitter account needed an avatar, a picture to represent local government. After much searching we decided the best image was ‘Diamond’ Joe Quimby.

Animated, American and directly elected though he was, not a single person complained, or even commented, that it wasn’t the best representation of British local government. He was just accepted.

And this country’s existing mayors all seem to have been accepted too. I didn’t see any serious debate in the recent London mayoral compaign about the existence of the position. Doncaster actively voted to keep their mayor, despite being seen as ‘controversial’.

Perhaps it is simply that those cities who voted no don’t want to be laboratories of democracy. Maybe they will re-consider after Liverpool, Salford and Bristol have had mayors in post for a few years. Though by then they will be playing catch-up.

Returning to Birmingham, I can’t help feeling that some of the reasons suggested for Bristol’s yes vote on the LSE’s Politics and Policy blog should have applied:

Even those in favour of a mayor recognised a yes vote would be a leap of faith. But it was a leap worth taking. Why? The overarching narrative of the ‘Yes’ campaign was an appeal to civic pride and to a sense of underachievement. Bristol may be one of the richest cities outside of London but there is a feeling that it is less than the sum of its parts.

The no votes were an expression of localist will. That should be respected and celebrated. But I wonder if Chamberlain, having seen so much changed by his time in local government, would be comforted or shocked to see that Birmingham’s government still works in much the same way as it did when he ran it.

At tonight’s council meeting I’ll formally lose my responsibility for community safety in Wandsworth. While I’ve not had de facto responsibility for some time (indeed, since before the annual council meeting) the formality is a milestone.

But as a leaving present we have finally gone live with a social media presence for community safety in Wandsworth.

If you are on Facebook you can ‘like’ the Safer Wandsworth page.

And if you are on Twitter you can follow Safer Wandsworth.

Both are new, but there are big plans for both (and for more) and they will become excellent ways of keeping up-to-date with what’s happening to keep Wandsworth as inner London’s safest borough.

Anyone who was there will know that Saturday’s Battersea Park fireworks were superb. Congratulations to the council and Pains Fireworks for organising them.

If you missed them, or want to see them again, but you don’t have a full 20 minutes, then my video might help. 20 minutes of fireworks compressed into 2 minutes… well, more accurately, 19 minutes of fireworks compressed into one minute, and then the final minute in full.

The reaction on Twitter was certainly positive, some going as far as to rate them as the best they’ve ever seen:

Some made cultural references I just don’t understand:

Some just made me proud to be a Battersea, rather than Clapham, resident:

Although some people were facing the wrong way:

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  • First time I've ever seen a sign inviting to check in. Such slavish obedience to signage. (@ WWF's Tiger Sculpture by Mark Coreth) #
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  • Radio Humberside need to check their levels, I can hear the 'insight' of a few spectators in the Main Stand. They aren't happy. #gtfc #
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  • Listening to MiniMe's nursery rhymes I fear they are stories of impoliteness at best, sociopathy at worst. #
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  • Yey! The Balham Town Centre Manager is on Twitter – @BalhamTCM! #
  • Along with the CEO of the NCT (@Belinda_CEO_NCT), who is following me. I am not sure what that says about me. I shall consult with MiniMe. #
  • Trying to think about council's involved in the Big Society, drawing lots of blanks. #
  • Eden District Council have an "odour hotline". Any bets on the ratio of prank to genuine calls it gets? #
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  • Just overheated my shredder. The fun I get up to when @jesscousins and MiniMe are out. #
  • Was that a massive rumble of thunder? #
  • This is miserable. Just absolutely miserable. #
  • Forgot to sync Things before I came out, @culturedcode have been working on OTA sync since 1856 so I'm not hopeful of remedying this tonight #
  • I'm enjoying GameCenter on the iPhone. I reckon it's the only time I'll be joint top of all the leaderboards. #
  • Managed to break several rules during my fun visit to the local history library. I'd be a renegade historian, playing by my own rules. #
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  • How good software makes us stupid http://bbc.in/9b0AAA – clearly Microsoft have some benefits then… #
  • Wondering how long my current 'passion' for photography will last. Hopefully longer than my passion for bonsai. #
  • Some people are just loopy soup. #

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  • I can't believe how quiet Battersea Park is. #
  • Amazed at the job @gtfcprogramme are doing of tweeting the #GTFC match. Well done. #
  • Sometimes I think I'm in 'Yes, Minister'. Except not as important. Or as funny. #
  • I can't believe I'm saying this… Dierdre, you don't deserve Ken. #Corrie #
  • Usually this is the part of the week when I'd be helping the criminal fraternity with some poor quality crime mapping. #
  • Perhaps I should annoy the NHS instead. #
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  • Felt the need to use Twitter passive aggressively. Decided being an adult and using the phrase "excuse me was the best way forward". #
  • About to begin 8-9 hours of meetings. Happy happy joy joy. #
  • Ding ding. Hour four and meeting two of today's marathon to begin. #
  • I underestimated how long my meetings would be, that doesn't happen often, only 7 hours today. #
  • Watching MiniMe get a haircut. No basin cut for him. This being Battersea means there is a MiniSalon. #
  • Risking arrest taking a photo of police operational methods. But look closely, they use handcuffs as bike locks. http://yfrog.com/n44xnlj #
  • The evil one-eyed fish in Waterstone's Battersea. I consider him the Bond villain of the tank. http://yfrog.com/bhxihdj #
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  • Inspired by @robandale to actually start using Facebook again. First task, work out if I actually know any of the friend requests. #
  • Good to see Facebook using the profile pic of someone who died a few months ago to advertise to me. Doesn't fill me with joy to be back! #fb #
  • Just realised that downloading an app to help me choose a show-lacing technique doesn't say good things about me. #
  • Must. Proof-read. Tweets. #
  • Clearly too tired for coherent first time tweeting. #
  • I love the idea of support 'chat', but it just doesn't quite work for some reason. #
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  • Door to door #chugalert British Red Cross, Elsley Road. #
  • Tried doing one of those nice patterns in my coffee. Not an unqualified success. http://twitpic.com/2l6fmb #
  • Penalty #gtfc #
  • Mariners. Mariners. Mariners. Take that Luton. #gtfc #
  • Today's attempt at coffee art worse than yesterday. Too much foam. http://twitpic.com/2lhthg #
  • JuliaNewYork76 has replied to me… although we've still not worked out how we know each other. #

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  • A cheery looking children's title. http://yfrog.com/moaujoj #
  • Compare third and first tweets on the screen. http://yfrog.com/n5j67qj #
  • 60,000 casualties too? RT @darryl1974: Heavy rain+roadworks+bin collection day = the Somme out there, with added wheelie bins and litter. #
  • Why do I get lobbying mailshots on national policy. I have no influence on the government. Hell, I have no influence on Wandsworth policy! #
  • Life must be incredibly warm and fuzzy if you only ever listen to Heart. #
  • Mind you, it'd be warmer and fuzzier still listening to Magic. #
  • Interesting looking research App: Mappiness http://j.mp/9nTyCr #
  • Great question: RT @CountCulture: #localgov types What's the legal status of the LGA? Quango? Company? Other? #
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  • Blogged: Ashtar licensing application http://bit.ly/bqqHZ2 #
  • Some people. #
  • Trending of #dealbreakers but no reference to 30 Rock? #
  • JFDI, Cousins, JFDI. #
  • The iPhone autocorrects 'antime' to antineutron. Really Apple? I'm more likely to be mistyping 'antineutron' than 'anytime'? #
  • I don't think I'm in two minds… RT @pezholio: Council to 'charge for FOI requests' http://bit.ly/ca2TYk I'm in two minds about this… #
  • Does anyone want to tweet the name of the Cameron's daughter? I'm not sure I've caught it. #
  • Blogged: How to involve people in local democracy: include booze http://bit.ly/bI4anU #
  • Bloody hell. Newsnight did the chuggers story after all. Good on them. #
  • God, I'm hungry. #
  • Driving a mini and a tie knot wider than your neck. I'm guessing estate agent. #
  • Blogged: Chugging chuggers http://bit.ly/c5gEsF #
  • Thanks to @abeeken I start out looking for Lincoln's mad axe man… and end up watching mammary puppetry http://bit.ly/cYUF60 (right video) #
  • Toying with buying a prime lens. Guide me Twitter, yes or no? #
  • Was that a tat on Dierdre's shoulder? #corrie #
  • Serious question: has anyone ever used NHS Direct and got useful advice that wasn't "Hmmm, best you go to your GP/A&E"? #
  • Why am I a Grimsby fan? It would be so much easier if I could change my loyalty to someone capable of success. #
  • I'm actually liking this new JuliaNewYork76 spam, so nice not being offered Viagra. Just wish she got around Manhattan a bit more. #
  • Why did no-one campaign to save the Standards Board from abolition? http://yfrog.com/ccsp7qj #
  • Predictably Chinese iPhones don't have YouTube, but why no voicemail or wi-fi? http://bit.ly/90yEsh #
  • I'm having an appallingly lazy weekend. Hundreds of things I should do, but all are being ignored. #

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  • You can borrow ebooks from Wandsworth libraries. Why didn't I know this? Does anyone actually know this? #
  • Local Labour club applying to extend their licence to start at 9am six days a week. They should know alcohol is never the answer. #
  • Saw that @robertbrook outside my house again. Worrying he's casing the joint. #
  • Reasons not to be a councillor (No. 398): The empty feeling seeing happy people in full pubs when going to a 4 hour meeting. #
  • Your wish… oh, I'm not, am I RT @amyjcousins: must be great to have a celebrity retweet you 🙁 #
  • Reasons not to be a councillor (No. 399): When I arrived at the Town Hall it was yesterday. #
  • Blogged: A councillor’s life… http://bit.ly/976mik #
  • I've downloaded some ebooks from the library. I feel both literate AND modern. #
  • There's a Jedward TV series on ITV2, as people needed any more reasons not to watch it. #
  • Just been told by @jesscousins that my hair "looks a bit Foxtons". I'm not sure she could have been any more offensive. #
  • Die Hard II on Sky. Why can't I just switch off? Why do I feel compelled to watch it? #
  • So when Maclane demonstrates that they were firing blanks by 'shooting' Carmide did none of the other cops instinctively shoot him? #DieHard #
  • I wish I had more Mega Blocks. I mean MiniMe. I wish MiniMe had more Mega Blocks. #
  • Is today 100 days? I thought it was tomorrow. #
  • Can Twitter feed my hypochondria better than Google? I've been feeling really tired for a week, possible causes (a prize for worst illness). #
  • And the winner! RT @LeeTangCooper: @jamescousins pyridoxine deficiency-induced Sideroblastic anemia or Winkelman Bethfe Pfeiffer syndrome #
  • Blogged: Going to the library in my boxers http://bit.ly/akDedb #
  • Now I've got a headache #sharinghypochondria #
  • I've never really 'got' LinkedIn as a social network. Worth the investment? #
  • On A level results day I realise I'm getting old. Very old. #
  • Coffee time. #
  • Blogged: A level results… http://bit.ly/9lcMMy #
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again. The G1 is London's cosiest bus. #
  • After a quick look at my fellow passengers I'm upgrading the G1 to *world's* cosiest bus. #
  • #G1Dilemma Do I get off and walk the 100 yards to where I want to be, or wait for the bus to take a mile-and-a-half loop to get there? #
  • Just passing all the miserably committed leaving Clapham South. They'd be much happier on a cozy bus like the G1. #
  • Hmmm. Followers back, but people I'm following has dropped a bit. Clearly Twitter thinks I'm following spammers. #
  • Holy cow. The passenger that just got on had people waving him off at the stop. I'm promoting the G1 to universe's cosiest bus. #
  • I'm home alone and that means absolute entertainment control. I'm thinking Star Wars IV or Star Trek (2009) but what does Twitter recommend? #
  • Of course, I've never got round to watching Transformers 2. Maybe tonight's the night. #
  • Opening scene of Trek. Always, always makes me cry. #
  • Nooooo. The autopilot's broken (I'm not doing this for the whole film). #
  • That's it, Kirk born, father sacrifices himself, me in tears. Cue opening titles. #
  • I've finally spotted R2-D2 in the wreckage scene! After God knows how many viewings I've spotted him! #
  • Why are my followings down? Who's missing? #
  • Blogged: Prove me wrong on surgeries… http://bit.ly/8ZK5ZQ #
  • That's the council mail delivered. Anything interesting? #
  • That would be a no. #
  • Gail should be sacked #corrie #
  • Did you know you can pluck the veins on Dierdre's neck like a guitar? #corrie #
  • Opinion in the Cousins household is the Gail committed gross misconduct. Should be sacked, not warned. #Corrie #
  • Doesn't the church disapprove of such things? #Corrie #
  • Heading to my council surgery. The queue is probably around the corner by now. #
  • How odd. No-one here. #
  • Oh well. Time to start up iBooks on the iPad. Don't tell Grant Shapps. #
  • I fear I have a delayed hangover from Thursday. Is that even possible? #
  • I do believe I've found my new favourite superhero:
    http://bit.ly/bw97IF #
  • Bookmarked: Superdickery Home: http://bit.ly/dcAMa0 #
  • Shackleton's High Seat Chair, it's lovely: http://j.mp/aQ2fGa This will bring back memories for a select demographic. #
  • Can words begin to describe IE6? #
  • Blogged: A new look for the site http://bit.ly/bUsfCw #