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Tweets for week ending 2009-05-24

  • I see Twitter totally differently without replies. Not sure if I need to follow lots more or cull lots to get the value back. #
  • I’ve just heard the Clapham Junction planning application has been withdrawn by the developer. #
  • “My biggest achievement is to quote other people on twitter.” Anonymous (via @robertz) #
  • “My second biggest achievement on Twitter is to RT any mention of my own name” (inspired by @robertz) in reply to robertz #
  • Don’t fear the BNP, just point and laugh: (via @JamesCleverly) #
  • OK, am I the only one who is unmoved by the Speaker’s resignation? Does it really matter? #
  • Getting ready for a heady cocktail of productive work shaken with time-wasting on Twitter. #
  • I am strangely exciting by @AllTheSausages – but if only there were a cheese version. #
  • It’s always been a bit of an experiment for me, but how do you want your/a councillor to engage? #
  • Having to install MS Word on my pristine iMac. I feel violated. #
  • “An unexpected error occurred while trying to load the MS Framework library.” Not that unexpected, I knew something wouldn’t be quite right. #
  • And 35 minutes later I’m beginning the uninstallation process of MS Office. Only two error messages in that time… #
  • These are the sort of issues I should be tackling: Gazza v Maradona (via @twofootedtackle) #
  • Or should I be tackling those issues? Any ideas for my blogging (not just from Wandsworthians) #
  • Twitter seems dead today. Has it gone the way of facebook? Is everyone on a new Twitter I don’t know about? #
  • On my way to the town hall for a meeting I’ve realised it’s a long time since I Tweeted anything as banal as ‘on my way to the Town Hall’. #
  • Ah, the Joy of Canvassing. Not to be confused with Dr Comfort’s famous tome, this one might last much longer, but isn’t as enjoyable. #
  • I believe Twitter etiquette following a canvassing session is to say everyone was for our party & no-one said they would vote against. #
  • This #followfriday goes to @Timforchange partly for the politics, mainly out of admiration; how he does it as a new Dad baffles me. #
  • Maybe it’s voyeurism, but I’ve always liked accounts like this that provide some insight into a career: #
  • James Cleverly’s view on the BNP invite to the garden party – #
  • So far it seems deities do not move in high-fat emulsified offal tubes. #
  • Given that they are the wrong side of the Humber I’m worried about how chuffed I am for Hull. #
  • I can only say that tonight has left me disappointed in cheese, sausages and God on Twitter. #
  • I’d forgotten quite how peaceful my back garden can be when it’s not Battersea’s turn to be on the Heathrow flight path. #
  • Just seen the 24 season finale… Sorry for the spoiler but wow! Wondering if I can persuade @jesscousins to watch it again on Sky tomorrow. #

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