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Tweets for week ending 2009-08-16

  • Thinking about: Tweets for week ending 2009-08-09 #
  • Thinking about: Crime briefing, 30 July – 8 August #
  • Finding this offer VERY hard to resist. #
  • WH Smith's have added a schadenfreude section #
  • Thinking about: Text in your Battersea Poems #
  • Is it worth trying to see the Perseids, or am I only going to see a hazy orange glow? #
  • Interesting how Twitter politicos have divided purely on party lines between those who think Mandelson did or didn't interview well. #
  • Thinking about: Why I don’t like chuggers #
  • Anyone else with views on #chuggers #
  • I'm now the proud owner of a Breville. Mock all you want, I'll be laughing when I burn my mouth on a delicious cheese and onion toasty. #
  • I'm embarking on a #meteorwatch. Clouds are no obstacle. #
  • Thinking about: Unemployment claims back up in Wandsworth #
  • Rode a bike for the first time in 20 years on Wednesday. I'm still sore in places I shouldn't be sore. #
  • Thinking about: Weekly wrap-up, 14 August #
  • I bought a Grimsby away shirt yesterday. As a thank-you they are losing by 3 goals to Crewe at home. Perhaps I'm cursed. #
  • Back in Wandsworth after a hellish drive across town and a series of unfortunate incidents left me seeing the attractions of country living. #
  • Quite shocked at the Dale top 30 cllr blogs. I know one of them who deleted his blog 8 months ago and still made the cut! #
  • Somewhat depressed by London's grey skies. Have I become tired of London? #
  • RT @SHARECommunity excited to be 1 of the Waitrose charities of the mth in C'ham Junc – thx @WaitroseUK! Pop a green token in the box for us #
  • When did Mac OS start with the MS-style lengthy reboot and wait software updates? #
  • Two reboots and done. A Mac software update sponsored by Vista? #
  • Been looking into the BBC's 'most burgled postcodes' story. Clearly a case of re-printing a press release ad rather than checking facts. #
  • Thinking about a press release for the BBC to republish without researching. Anyone want to take part in a poll for me? I'll provide answers #
  • Did I really sign up to SocialToo? Does that really mean I'm likely to pay them $25 to auto-unfollow everyone? #
  • Writing a short biography for a future event, padding it a lot, is my life really that inconsequential? #

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