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  • Blogged: Tweets for week ending 2010-04-18 http://bit.ly/aKUdsq #
  • ran 3.42 mi on 19/4/2010 at 6:20 AM with a pace of 8'45"/mi
    http://go.nike.com/08nb1qbc #
  • Today I've got MiniMe and a poorly @jesscousins on my hands. I'm hoping both will be self-sufficient as I also have a mountain of work. #
  • Blogged: Crime briefing, 8 – 15 April http://bit.ly/bYH2x5 #
  • Got 5p too much change. Tried to give it back, but he insisted I was owed it. Why couldn't it have been a fiver, or perhaps a tenner? #
  • Has anyone ever managed to get a Flip to charge? #
  • Blogged: Wandsworth is Conservative http://bit.ly/bScw9u #
  • Charge, damn you, charge. #
  • Me to support: your product doesn't charge.
    Support to me: that might be because batteries are low, have you tried charging them? #
  • ran 6.58 mi on 21/4/2010 at 7:04 AM with a pace of 8'50"/mi
    http://go.nike.com/0a2ovrrr #
  • The tranquility of this morning's run was disturbed by the return of 747s to London's sky. Farewell peaceful mornings. #fb #
  • I think my fondness for snoozing is my biggest barrier to awesome productivity. #
  • Blogged: ‘Unemployment’ in Wandsworth http://bit.ly/bH5PXo #
  • Blogged: The final Battersea list http://bit.ly/boQ7Mg #
  • Nice email from @o2. I can upgrade my phone a month early. They tell me this 2 months after my contract expires. #
  • Am I the only one who regularly goes to bars for meetings, rather than drinks. (@ The Exhibit, Balham) http://4sq.com/dBa7Ab #
  • Interesting and emotive meeting. Though I think purdah prevents me saying anything else. #
  • If anyone can hear whirring it in the SW11 area it's me being incredibly busy and productive… that or the 747s returning. #
  • It's post canvass beer o'clock (@ Fox and Hounds) http://4sq.com/99PQ7P #
  • Someone has finally written the Wikipedia article on the Shaftesbury Park Estate I'd been meaning to write: http://bit.ly/9DWeqX #
  • Cisco and Flip are, I think, in the running for the worst customer service I've ever had. #
  • Lovely day to have to wait in for a 12 hour delivery slot. #
  • Blogged: Wandsworth Conservative manifesto http://bit.ly/aoykzp #
  • More than half-way through my imprisonment. Still no sign of the courier. #
  • Blogged: Shaftesbury Park Estate: The True Story http://bit.ly/brmq6P #
  • Being seriously impressed by MiniMe's climbing skills, if concerned at his lack of safety rope or net. #
  • Finally UPS come, just about the time that it's too late for me to go out. #
  • Yup. That's it, Flip are now the worst customer service I've ever experienced. Anyone suggestions for an alternative? #
  • Debate? Tonight! (@ Wandsworth Town Hall) http://4sq.com/9bUSj8 #
  • ran 3.27 mi on 23/4/2010 at 7:02 AM with a pace of 8'20"/mi
    http://go.nike.com/02qqc84h #
  • Picked up the pace a bit this morning. Still slow, but I think impressive given I'm carrying 3 gallons of Youngs on my gut #fb #
  • A lovely day, and I don't have to stay in waiting for a courier. #
  • Someone I canvassed last night just emailed to say sorry they couldn't come to the door but giving their support to "an excellent council." #
  • In honour of @Teebiebrown's earlier suggestion I'm having a cheese and Marmite toasty. #clichetweet in reply to Teebiebrown #
  • Love @Marmarati Hate the BNP. And not so keen on a lot of the comments either. http://bit.ly/d5drzE #
  • Blogged: Greener today, greener tomorrow http://bit.ly/9SMh8i #
  • Just seen my 1st Labour canvasser of the campaign, clutching his map & clipboard, used to see them all the time in years gone by. #
  • I fear I caught the sun in this morning's campaigning. An unappealing red blush awaits. #
  • Oh, Grimsby, why do you keep the hope alive? It's the hope that's the most difficult thing to bear. #
  • Going for a run. Not a marathon, although it'll probably take longer than some of them. #
  • ran 4.13 mi on 25/4/2010 at 9:28 AM with a pace of 8'33"/mi
    http://go.nike.com/24fm32a #
  • Today I discovered ink-jet printers and damp canvassing aren't compatible. #

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