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Tweets for week ending 2010-05-16

  • Blogged: Tweets for week ending 2010-05-09 #
  • Blogged: Four more years #
  • Blogged: Crime briefing, 29 April – 6 May #
  • Blogged: Reflecting on the council elections #
  • Catching up on Corrie, and the emotional roller-coaster of Blanche's funeral. #
  • Blogged: Cracking down on kerb-crawlers #
  • No. Not that bit. (@ Millbank Tower) #
  • Astounding that, in leaving, Brown showed a grace and dignity that seems totally alien to his supporters on Twitter today. #
  • & as proof… RT @britishcitizen: RT @jamescousins Brown showed a grace and dignity totally alien to his supporters on Twitter today <<Asshole #
  • Blogged: The London local elections #
  • MiniMe is in a reading frenzy. While I'm pleased he likes books so much, I'm a touch annoyed that I'm the one that has to read them. #
  • I know I'm not that into politics when I'm happy just to wait until the Cabinet is complete, then take a look at the list. #
  • Blogged: Baby business in Wandsworth #
  • Oh it's all starting again. (@ Wandsworth Town Hall) #
  • Blogged: Battersea Square Summer Party #
  • I think I'm addicted to Monkey Tennis. #
  • I need to go for a run. I'll wear my GTFC top, that'll make me feel like a winner. #
  • ran 6.36 km on 15/5/2010 at 9:02 AM with a pace of 5'30"/km #
  • By the power of the Internet. I have the power. #
  • Having freed up over 130GB by emptying trash I have a nagging feeling I've accidentally deleted something important. #

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