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Tweets for week ending 2010-06-27

  • Blogged: Tweets for week ending 2010-06-20 #
  • Blogged: Crime briefing, 10 – 17 June #
  • Blogged: The American embassy #
  • Filled with much the same feelings I had for last season's Grimsby matchdays: hope and optimism tempered by impending doom #eng #
  • Blogged: Neighbourhood Watch (and open data) in Wandsworth #
  • Beer and a half-time #eng lead make for a heady cocktail I've not tasted for some time. #
  • Blogged: Losing my inner geek #
  • Blogged: Creative Futures #
  • Blogged: Lavender Festival #
  • A week away and 331 unread emails greet me at home. Not sure if that's good or bad. I'm sire they aren't all important. #
  • A very hot run around Battersea Park this morning. Feel very sorry for those doing the Tooting Trot later when it's even hotter. #
  • Victory. Well, nearly. @PiersMcC will start tweeting in September he says. #
  • Good of the Sky box to crash. Nice timing, nothing on that anyone would want to watch. #
  • So we're looking at another 5-1 Germany game… #
  • Not only do we lose, we lose properly. No blaming penalties this time #eng #
  • There's only one solution: massive investment in Grimsby Town with a view to fielding them in 2014. Could they do worse? #eng #
  • On the bright side, they'll be cancelling James Corden's World Cup Live. Please. #

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