Some interesting points. And some with which I’m wrestling. If I’m of the opinion that local government deserves more power (and also should delegate more power) I should surely be able to provide a good answer of what a local councillor does.

I’m not sure I can. Yes, I can provide a textbook answer, the theoretical answer, but I don’t know how much that would match reality.

The easy thing about something like this is that it’s objective and easily measurable. You can check the minutes on the council website and create this long after the event. You can’t do that quite so easily with other things. I have, for example, tried logging casework: but it quickly becomes a chore and becomes very difficult to resurrect the stats after a few months.

I also once tried putting together a short ‘day in the life’ video. But quickly abandoned the idea when it was apparent that I couldn’t video meetings, and footage of me getting the bus to the Town Hall or typing emails was not that riveting.

Leaflets cost money, and as a result are often tied to elections (we do them all year, but can’t deny they ramp up at elections) and have no budget for anything that’s purely information.

Patchy answers, I know. I’m sure someone will stumble on something much better than I have in due course.