• More last minute shopping in Clapham Junction, why do I always let Christmas take me by surprise? #
  • At the Town Hall for the last time this year. #
  • Feeling very virtuous after an early morning run around Battersea Park. #
  • Meeting with the new chairman of the Wandsworth LGBT forum. #
  • RT New blog post: Great expectations http://tinyurl.com/6wamus (Twitter Tools was premature last time) in reply to jamescousins #
  • The gym is full of people, all launching pre-emptive strikes against roast potatoes, bread sauce and Christmas pud. #
  • It’s probably a bit sad for a man of my age, but I’ve been very excited following @noradsanta and @SantaClaus on their travels. #
  • I’ve not seen a single new bike being shakily taken round the streets all Christmas. Recession or obesity crisis? #

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