Polls have been open since 7am and trade has been brisk (though getting quieter now commuters have commuted). What’s more the trade has been friendly, the Conservative vote is clearly motivated.
Labour don’t seem to be running a full polling day operation and haven’t put people outside polling stations. This is actually a real disappointment.
First, in one of those oddities of politics tellers from the parties (the people hanging around outside polling stations) work together on election day. We aren’t there to try and persuade you to vote for us. Instead we try and gather electoral roll numbers so, if you are a supporter, we know we don’t need to remind you to vote later. Obviously it makes sense for the tellers to help each other doing this.
Second, it’s actually really nice to have someone to chat with during the quiet periods!

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One thought on “Polling Day: a few hours in…

  1. Hmmm I’m sceptical.
    1- I don’t want to tell anybody
    2- I don’t want anybody to chat, I appreciate it’s quiet.
    … electoral habits are different from countries to countries… But I would question a system when only 30% of people bother…

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